25 Mar 2017


What does Copenhagen have to do with chocolate you might ask?  Denmark is the home of ‘Hygge”.  Hygge cannot be described but it is a feeling of the simple coziness and pleasure in everyday life.   Candles and warm blankets in the evening by the fire,  Friends and family around the table and definitely chocolate!

During a recent trip to Copenhagen with my sister, we threw ourselves into Danish way of life and honestly appreciate why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world.  Here’s a round-up the foods we ate in Copenhagen, the photographs on the mantel will certainly add to the feeling of Hygge back at home.

1. Naturbageriet

Frederiksborggade 29, 1360 Kobenhavn K, Denmark

Vegan & gluten free Cinnamon Rolls.


This little gem of a bakery located very close to Norreport station was a daily morning ritual.  It has the largest selection of vegan and gluten free pastries  I have ever seen and they all looked incredible.

2. Espresso House


Dotted around central Copenhagen, they are akin to Costa in the UK.  Perfect for unwinding on the comfy sofas with a dark hot chocolate made with oat milk.  In fact, the availability of plant-based milks and foods in general is remarkable in Copenhagen.  The coziness of the dim lighting, comfy cushions, candles and the warmth inside was always welcome after an afternoon of exploring the city.

3. Paperion

img_1586 img_1579


Vegan Pizza! Mouth watering cheesecakes!

Cycling is the best way to get around Copenhagen as it is so easy to rent bikes.  Paperion or Paper Island in English is well worth a visit! The trendy indoor market hosts an array of delicious street foods.  From organic, vegan, gluten free and so much more it all looked mouth watering!

4. Torvehallerane Market


Oh my goodness, another food heaven!  what is it about Copenhagen?  The variety and the quality of the food is exquisite.  This is another indoor market which hosts an array of fantastic fresh foods from salads, fish, cheese, meats and much more.

5. Raw 42

Acai bowl Matcha Latte

To alternate from the endless temptation of danish pastries this Raw 42 in the heart of Copenhagen was a perfect offering of delicious plant based deliciousness.

6. Frellsen CHOKOLADE

img_1638 img_1642

Of course no trip is complete without a visit to a fine chocolatier.

7. Green Burger

The best vegan burger ever!

Finally, the best vegan burger ever came from a vegan burger chain; Green Burger.  This one is a Mexican burger with plant-based cheese, guacamole in a gluten free bun and a side of sweet potato fries!





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24 Feb 2017


Pink Parcel is the ultimate monthly subscription box for us ladies to lift our spirits and “pamper” ourselves during our monthly period.  The Pink Parcel brand philosophy is about self care and self love, periods shouldn’t be a taboo subject, after all, it is what nature intended.


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24 Feb 2017


What a way to begin the weekend………

Not only did the sophisticatedly suave; Town and Country Magazine feature  luxuriously nutritious MAZA chocolate along side the incredibly talented Henrietta Inman for which we are so truly honoured, MAZA was considered most superior in taste.


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09 Feb 2017


It’s been so frosty recently and during the chilly evenings there’s nothing quite like the comforting smell of maple syrup, cinnamon and chocolate to make you want to curl up with a big cup of tea and a plate full of mouth watering dark chocolate bark.


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29 Jan 2017


As you can probably imagine I am a huge fan of any recipe which involves chocolate, however, I really wanted to share this particular favourite of mine which Livia from Livia’s kitchen made last year!



50g Maza Chocolate
80g ground almonds
5 tablespoons maple syrup 60g oat flour
1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder 1 tablespoon coconut oil


Break up the chocolate into small pieces.
Place all the ingredients except the chocolate into a food processor and mix until fully combined. Place the mixture in a bowl and add in the chocolate pieces.
Using your hands roll the dough into small bite sized balls.

Enjoy with a nice cup of tea!



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17 Jan 2017

Valentines Chocolate

No sooner have we finished our Christmas supplies are we faced with the romantic displays of edible treats in anticipation of Valentines day!

At MAZA we believe that loving ourself is paramount, only then can we give our true love and attention to others.  So this year go ahead and treat your self to some indulgence, treat yourself to MAZA!



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03 Jan 2017

WELCOME 2017!!!

We want to begin the new year with a very special thank you to all our loyal customers who we call our friends.  We launched in 2016 and in that short time MAZA traveled far and wide as the luxury chocolate in the UK sweetened with organic palmyra nectar.


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15 Nov 2016


MAZA is a piece of luxury in the franticly busy world we live in.  From the outer package to the last mouthful of chocolate inside, it is  created with style and pleasure in mind.   That is why we only work with businesses which fit into the MAZA philosophy.


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22 Oct 2016


Palmyra nectar which is also known as Palmyra Jaggery and Sugavida over in the US is a highly nutritious natural sweetener derived from the sap of the Palmyra Palm tree in Southern India and Sri Lanka. Whilst similar to coconut palm sugar, Palmyra Nectar is far superior in nutritional content.


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